Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance” seems to be taking on an entirely new meaning as exotic dancers have been proposed to enter the metaverse.

You read that right. No longer are adult entertainment venues constricted to some of the famous names touted by Drake — Tootsie’s, Magic City, and King of Diamonds. One company presented the idea of people sitting in the comfort of their homes and making it rain in the metaverse.

But how is this possible?

According to the Daily Dot, TikTok NFT promoters purport that people can earn more than $10,000 per week as virtual exotic dancers, or in other words, strippers. However, it is alleged that the idea is a scam, and men are falsely posing as female sensual dancers and providing entertainment in exchange for money.

On the social media giant, men who have supposedly taken on the endeavor are shown flaunting high-end products and mounds of cash earned through virtual pole dancing, the outlet reports.

The TikTok account @holynft posted a video of such dancing and got over 5.6 million views in less than one week. The caption encouraged men to take part in the fraudulent act in an effort to earn income.

“This is your sign to fake being a girl and start stripping in the metaverse,” the online user wrote.

Since the indication of the opportunity, the comments on the video have skyrocketed by men willing to put on a façade, tap into their best “P-Valley” skills, and make something shake in the metaverse.

And while it all seems like a way to seduce and scheme, people are finding that metaverse stripping is a carefully crafted cover-up to get people caught up in an NFT scam.

The interested parties are directed to the TikTok account owner’s Discord page. Once there, they are presented with the NFT project known as Holy Nephalem.

Although virtual strip clubs have been created in other virtual reality platforms, this one is not legit and is not the only one proposing fake career paths via the metaverse.