When Juicy J got his first check as a rapper, he got himself an extravagant gift. His “big splurge?” A Maybach.

“I put rims on that car. I put some speakers on it, and I just went around the neighborhood and tried to smash every girl that I possibly could—because I was wretched like that,” he said exclusively to Men’s Health, at the time.

Juicy J clearly didn’t have a financial adviser — or any semblance of financial literacy — at the time the Three 6 Mafia broke into the mainstream with their now-classic album, “Mystic Stylez.” If he did, he’d know that a car — any car, whether it’s a Yugo or a Maybach — is considered a depreciating asset (in other words, one that loses value over time) that loses its value the second it’s driven off the lot.

Fortunately, the rapper born Jordan Houston in Memphis, TN, wisened up — and very quickly. Thanks to the advice of some very intelligent financial advisers, Juicy J educated himself on things such as stocks, returns on investment, and future dividends. As a result, the rapper — who counts Jay-Z and Diddy amongst his personal financial idols — has an estimated net worth of $25 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth…and only a small portion of that money comes from his music.

Let’s take a look at some of his best investments.


Juicy J has frequently said that some of his best investments were in blue-chip stocks. According to Business Insider, the Oscar winner has stocks in such companies as Apple and Netflix.

“I swear, that money flipped in a month,” he said to the outlet.

CORE Water

CORE Water came to Juicy J’s attention from an unlikely source: Dr. Luke.

“Dr. Luke called me and told me he was starting this water company called CORE. He asked me did I want to put some money in it,” said Juicy J. “I dropped a bag in it and I kind of forgot about it ’til one day I woke up and I saw the company sold for like $500 million. Yes, I got a beautiful percentage of that!”

Then, in 2018, CORE was sold to the Keurig Dr. Pepper company in a deal that was worth $525 million gross (and $435 million net), according to a press release about the matter. While Juicy J never disclosed the number of shares he has in the company, it’s safe to say that the deal netted him a small fortune.

Heliogen Solar Power

As AfroTech previously reported, Juicy J was considering investing in some jewelry. But when he linked up with ATL-ian 2 Chainz, he realized that investing in solar power was the better option. That’s how he came across Heliogen, which has an estimated value of $2 billion after its recent merger.


In August 2020, Juicy J invested in the Asterisk* cannabis company. According to RMR, he launched the brand in partnership with Gary Vee’s Green Street Agency. The brand is currently available for purchase in Los Angeles. Brand merchandise, however, is available online and ships nationwide.

Real Estate

Juicy J has frequently spoken about the benefits of investing in real estate, and has personally reaped the rewards of doing so as well. One of his first investments was on a foreclosed property in his hometown of Memphis, TN. He purchased the property for $80,000 in cash, then sold it for $175,000, which netted him a $95,000 profit. From there, he began investing in more properties, and eventually diversified his investments into land.

“I found a bunch of foreclosed homes and foreclosed lands,” he said to Business Insider. “I bought eight acres of land and I just built a house on one of them.”

Music Publishing

Despite the success of the Three 6 Mafia, Juicy J realized that there was value in owning the rights to his music. As a result, he told Vulture, he insisted on retaining the publishing rights.

“I always looked at Three 6 Mafia as a special group. I didn’t know exactly where we were gonna go with it, but I always felt like the music was special. I never sold the publishing. We never sold it. I always looked at like, What the fuck am I gonna have to eat when I retire? Thank God I didn’t, ’cause you see what’s happening now,” he said.

In addition to owning the rights to the Three 6 Mafia’s music, Juicy J makes money as a hit songwriter. According to Cheatsheet, he’s produced and/or written hits for rappers like Megan Thee Stallion (remember “Hot Girl Summer?” — That’s Juicy J’s creation), T.I., and A$AP Rocky. He also makes guest appearances on rapper’s tracks from time to time.

Other Investments

In addition to all his other investments, Juicy J said that he has also invested in a clothing company, tech apps, and video games. He also said that he has investments in “low risk” ventures, such as CDs (certificates of deposit) and money market accounts.

“I kept a lot of those money market accounts I’m having for like overnight 15, 20 years. But you know, I’ve always tried to put money in different places and different things,” he said to Business Insider.