As part of Harvey Ventures, Steve Harvey and his daughter Lori Harvey have invested in a variety of Black-owned businesses. The company’s website explains that in addition to investing in such companies as Wish and 23andMe, they’ve invested in Black-owned businesses like Brotha Bakes.

Now, too, Harvey Ventures has added MOON Ultra to their investment portfolio. Co-founded by Edward Madongorere and Dishen “Dixon” Yang, this Black-owned business has invented a product that was named one of TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions of 2020.”

For Lori Harvey, though, the investment in the company was a natural one.

“With the fast-paced growth that digital innovation continues to bring into our creator economy, it was important to me to align myself with a company that prides itself on empowering not only its internal team, but its direct consumers to be the best versions of themselves,” she told AfroTech exclusively. “And for me, that is MOON Ultra.”

Based in Austin, TX, MOON Ultra has created a portable lighting device with intuitive touch controls that provide customizable brightness and tone, allowing users to perfectly capture special moments and create dynamic content. The brand continues to revolutionize the tech industry with new innovative products that inspire people to be bold and create.

Steve Harvey, for his part, also believed that the investment in the company was a natural one — one that helped him with his ultimate goal of investing in Black-owned businesses.

“It was important for me to partner with a company like MOON Ultra, which serves as a leader in luxury electronics,” he said to AfroTech exclusively. “Everything they’re building serves to help and highlight Black culture. Edward and Dixon have invented a product that people need. Now they are developing amazing tools to enhance our mobile experiences. I am so excited to partner with my daughter, Lori Harvey, to ignite these innovative founders and their dynamic company.”

While their investment in MOON Ultra is just the latest for Steve and Lori Harvey, it’s one that also indicates their commitment to diversifying their investments. As a part of their thriving careers, both Steve and Lori have been making wise business moves. For instance, Lori recently released SKN by LH, a skincare line that includes her signature five-step skin regimen. She is also noted for being one of the most influential women in fashion and beauty on social media, with a supportive following of nearly four million people on Instagram.

Naturally, the founders of MOON Ultra were just as excited about the investment as the Harveys were about making it.

“We are incredibly excited to have Steve and Lori Harvey join us on this monumental journey as investors. They truly understand the vision of MOON and support our mission to revolutionize the tech industry with innovative lighting products & creator solutions that help people capture their best moments. We are thrilled for what the future holds as we work together to take MOON Ultra to the next level,” said Edward Madongorere, CEO of MOON.

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