Simone Biles has been transparent throughout the year about the importance of prioritizing mental health. In alignment with that, her latest partnership aims to make mental health resources more accessible.

According to a press release, the Olympic gymnast has partnered with Cerebral — the leading online mental health provider — as its Chief Impact Officer.

“Mental health is just as important as physical health, but for far too long the stigma of mental health has prevented too many people from seeking help,” Biles said in a press release. “I have my own challenges with mental health, and therapy has been very empowering for me as I try to be the best person that I can be. I believe everyone should have access to mental health resources and Cerebral gives me the ability to personalize my mental health care experience.”

Barriers such as cost of therapy and lack of insurance keeps people from getting help, and Simone Biles and Cerebral’s partnership will financially assist underserved communities by providing accessibility to mental health resources. It also intends to address the stigma around mental health and encourage those who are battling mental illnesses to reach out for help.

“Simone is an inspiration to children and adults around the world and her courage in prioritizing the importance of mental health on the global stage cannot be understated,” Kyle Robertson, founder and CEO of Cerebral said in a press release. “We are extremely honored to partner with Simone to further raise awareness around today’s mental health challenges and help increase the availability of quality mental health resources to anyone who needs them, which is the mission that ultimately drives us.”

The partnership is also set to support a holistic approach to athlete wellness for young aspiring athletes at the World Championship Centre and WCC Academy, according to a press release.