If “Aston Martin Music” is your thing, then AFROTECH Conference just got a little more exciting. Platinum-selling artist Rick Ross will headline this year’s music experience.

In 2022, an estimated 25,000 Black professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists gathered in Austin, TX, for the premiere tech conference of the year. Each day, participants could tap into sessions that advanced their knowledge base, meet with companies about the chance to propel their careers and meet people from across the nation who could potentially become lifelong friends and thought partners.

While the educational and professional opportunities are top-tier, what is a conference without some “work hard, play hard” benefits?

AFROTECH Conference offers ticket holders more than just a stiff happy hour at a local bar or restaurant. The social activities associated with the conference are centered around unique encounters that will create expansive networks and curate some of the most lit experiences a person will have all year.

AFROTECH Music is at the core of this social manifesto for the conference, bringing people world-renowned entertainment through live musical performances featuring award-winning artists and hands-on activities that amplify Black joy.


For the 2023 experience, AFROTECH Music allows attendees to loosen their ties, pop their collars, and turn up with nothing but vibes and community through performances from Ross and other artists like DJ Hunnybee, DJ Spin, and Soulection.

Think about it. Who’s vibe doesn’t change when the beat drops and the lyrics shout, “I think I’m Big Meech (Ugh), Larry Hoover. Whippin’ work, hallelujah.” And with cultural classics from Ross like “Hustlin'” and “You The Boss,” the vibes will be nonstop.

Plus, having Ross as this year’s music headliner is a full-circle moment. The 47-year-old is also a serial entrepreneur and accomplished businessman, aligning with several of AFROTECH’s pillars and bringing emphasis to his title — the biggest boss.

“Being the headliner at AFROTECH Conference music is more than just a performance to me. It’s an opportunity to inspire the next generation of hustlers, creators, and innovators. It’s a chance to showcase the power of hard work, dedication, and staying true to your dreams,” Rick Ross said.

AFROTECH Conference 2023 will be held from Nov. 1-5 with a performance from Rick Ross on Nov. 4.

There are two ways for one to attend the performance. Head to AFROTECH Conference and register for an all-access ticket for the entire experience, which includes AFROTECH Music. You can also register for a different tier (general admission, student, corporate, executive) and add AFROTECH Music upon completion, or look out for an email in your inbox to add the experience.

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