Dated magazines, recessed lighting, and antiquated playsets are some stereotypical items in a doctor’s office waiting room. Although modern times have caused many medical facilities to have more up-to-date assets for patients waiting to be seen, one thing has not changed. Navigating the healthcare system can be a task.

From the long intake forms to associated care costs, patients routinely face some challenges when seeking the medical attention they need. However, the people at UnitedHealth Group (UHG) believe the power and innovation of technology can mitigate some of the challenges associated with patient care.

The Optum technology teams at UHG are developing and applying the technology of the future to help modernize, streamline, and simplify the health system so it works better for the people it was created to serve.

Through technological advances and data, Optum delivers care by empowering people, partners, and providers with the necessary guidance and tools to achieve better health. Optum has three operating imperatives: Optum Health, Optum Insight, and Optum Rx.

Optum Health

Optum Health is reimagining what access to health care means. Through various services, local medical groups and ambulatory care systems offer a full range of inclusive services to over 100 million consumers. This line of business also provides products and services, engaging people at their point of need and helping them with diverse, complex medical issues in addition to behavioral health.

Customers of Optum Health include employers, health systems, government, and health plan providers, each of which can utilize access to deep clinical experiences and professional partnerships to simplify and streamline health care.

Optum Insight

Data is a powerful tool. Optum Insight offers data resources, analytics, research, consulting, managed services, and technology to hospitals, individual doctors, health plans, government agencies, and life science organizations.

The work of Optum Insight helps alleviate administrative costs and meet compliance measures. Insight is also a powerful tool in improving clinical performances and operations.

Optum Rx

Prescription medicine can be costly. Optum Rx is a robust pharmacy care service that helps alleviate the cost burden of prescription drugs. With resources in place, over 1.5 billion prescription prices have been adjusted from retail prices while offering mail-in and specialty drugs annually.

Rooted in evidence-based clinical guidelines, the core of Optum Rx is to get the medicine people need in their hands at the lowest possible cost.

UGH and Optum Technology Team has a clear mission: people at the center with uninhibited access to holistic healthcare services. From transforming care delivery to redefining pharmacy care to modernizing operations, Optum Technology is the center of change in how people experience medical care.

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