Rapper IDK and Credit Karma are teaming up to encourage financial management. The partnership proves to be a full-circle moment for the American rapper who credits the personal finance company for teaching him the importance of credit and financial literacy, Forbes reports.

Despite the rapper’s name standing for Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge (IDK), his contributions to the partnership embody the complete opposite. 

Evidently, using his influence and stature to improve the lives of others is nothing new for the musician. As AfroTech previously reported, IDK was tapped to teach a 10-day music business crash course at Harvard University for entry-level industry leaders.

Under the partnership, there will be an opportunity for contestants to secure a $10,000 prize to pay off the outstanding debt by competing in a contest. Participants who tap in will need to share their stories on how they collected debt and what steps they are implementing to eliminate their debt. 

Following the contest, a YouTube talk show titled “Midday with IDK” will run to educate the youth on financial management. The segment will include entertainers such as BIA, 24kgoldn, DJ Millie, Buddy and Zach Bia. Credit Karma reveals the content in conjunction with the YouTube segment will promote its mission to “help normalize conversations about money and let people know they’re not alone in their journey, while also helping a few people make real financial progress,” Forbes reports.

The new partnership embodies a more creative outlet for financial companies to collaborate with artists who have influential power with the youth in hopes of providing more avenues of education. It will become increasingly important to reach the youth to address new concerns, which arise during adulthood such as building credit, student loans, medical debt and new housing.

IDK hopes combining education and entertainment will expand awareness toward serious issues such as financial literacy.