Working out from home will now become more productive thanks to OxeFit and its latest technology.

The leading integrated fitness brand has just released the XS1 — an all-inclusive professional system combining cardio and strength training. The product becomes OxeFit’s first direct-to-consumer product and is likely to be a standout. Unlike various in-home systems where users have to choose between cardio or strength training, users will have the opportunity to customize their workout programs and pinpoint their specific fitness and health goals. 

“It’s important to us to introduce this revolutionary training system to consumers so that they can experience the results for themselves,” CEO and co-founder of OxeFit Mohammed Rab Shanableh told AfroTech. “Since day one, OxeFit has been committed to revolutionizing the way athletes train, with science and technology that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible when you have the right data. Today, with the XS1, we take an incredibly exciting step in bringing our technology to consumers.” 

Users will have the option to choose from four distinct system configurations: Flex, Flow, Form, and Peak. The system configurations will house various strength, cardio, and balance components that can be adjusted to the user’s liking. The product’s key features include cardio, strength, safety and injury prevention, and real-time feedback and coaching. Workout goers can also enjoy rowing, swimming, and skiing experiences in addition to XS1’s 200-plus strength exercises and advanced training modes.

You Can Train Like Your Favorite Athlete

The product affirms OxeFit’s AI-enabled technology that powered its popular XP1 product, commonly used amongst the world’s top trainers, sports teams, rehab facilities, and athletes such as Dallas Cowboy quarterback OxeFit investor Dak Prescott. The product allowed Prescott and other users to proficiently track performance and gather high personalized analytics in addition to advanced coaching for optimal results.

Now users can train like their favorite athletes, and they can expect the same power and performance from the XP1 in OxeFits first direct-to-consumer product.

“Having used OxeFit’s technology in my own training with the Cowboys, I can confirm the system has transformed the way I work out. I think the XS1 will be a game changer for people who want to get in the best shape of their lives,” said Dak Prescott, according to a press release. “The technology and science behind the OxeFit system is so much more advanced than anything else on the market and I am excited to see how users embrace the XS1 on their journey to a stronger, healthier future.” 


The product is now available for purchase on