Four-time NBA champion LeBron James is known for having one of the most rigorous workout routines in the league, and at age 36, he shows no signs of slowing down. This is why it comes as no surprise that the NBA star has partnered with Tonal, “a digitally connected strength machine.” 

According to Yahoo!Finance, Tonal — considered “Peloton’s main rival” — revealed LeBron James would be its newest investor and brand partner on Wednesday Oct. 13.

“To have LeBron James — one of the greatest athletes in the world — invest in Tonal is a pinnacle moment for us,” said Aly Orady, founder and CEO of Tonal.

As a father of three, the NBA GOAT aims to maximize his productivity in the gym in addition to several other interests in his decision to partner with Tonal.

“Every person striving for greatness must prioritize efficiency. Whether you are an athlete, CEO, artist or anyone who is trying to be great, it’s important to maximize your time and get the most out of every minute. So for me, Tonal and the technology it uses to maximize efficiency while still doing a complete workout is a perfect fit,” LeBron James said in a press statement.

Since he’s no stranger to the game, it’s safe to say James is a person who has certainly tested out a plethora of training routines but he says, for him, Tonal’s technology is simply “incredible.”

Its compact size proved to be a match made in heaven for LeBron who can now get in the zone anywhere. 

“You don’t need a lot of space to get what you need out of a workout,” he said. “You can literally find a wall in your house, find a wall in your garage, find a wall in your room…and get the same workout as you would get in a full gym.”

The partnership proved to be a “perfect match” and Christopher Stadler, Tonal’s Chief Marketing Officer can attest to this.

“From the beginning of our partnership and throughout the development of this campaign, it was clear that LeBron shares our vision for a world where everybody can be their strongest,” Stader said, according to Adweek.

As an investor, James will be joining other familiar faces in the sports world as well. AfroTech previously reported that Stephen Curry is also an investor in Tonal Home Gyms under SC30 Inc., in addition to other high-profile investors like Serena Williams, Klay Thompson and more.