Since May 1972, Nike has been a home for athletes.

Now, as Nike celebrates 50 years in the game, the brand is also looking ahead to the future of women in sports and 50 more years of being a space where women of all shapes, sizes, hues, and beyond have a place to come and be themselves.

“Women truly are on the leading edge of sport, and it’s making sport and Nike better. Our continuing investment in women’s research, sports science technology, and data visualization give us the ability to understand her needs,” said Becca Kerr, Vice President/General Manager, Nike NA Women. “Nike’s capabilities comprise the most intelligent and holistic support system we have ever built for women.”

50 More Years of Innovation

As the world evolves, so do the people that exist in it, which is why Nike continues to use technology to drive the culture forward for all women.

With initiatives like (M)ove Like A Mother, the brand is committed to “investing in her at every step,” which also includes the journey into motherhood and what that looks like for women as they continue to move with a baby in tow.

The flexible 48-week program is designed to support all moms whether they are beginning their health and wellness journeys or veterans in the game. It features workouts and content within the Nike Training Club (NTC) app geared toward helping women prioritize health, comfort, and movement from the early pregnancy stages all the way through postpartum.

50 More Years of Collaboration

As the world’s largest athletic brand serving women, Nike understands the responsibility it has to helping to break down barriers faced by women and girls in sports.

From Serena Williams to Naomi Osaka to Lisa Leslie and beyond, women athletes known to smash ceilings and show up as themselves in the world while doing it have always had a home at the brand, which is why the next 50 years will be bigger and better.

Thanks to technology, the brand has a data-driven approach that helps them to collaborate with all women to get to “know her better, so we can serve her better.”

“We know more about the female body than ever before. Our investment in women’s research, sport science technology and data visualization give us the ability to better understand her needs and create the best products possible for her,” said Dr. Bridget Munro, Women’s Research Director, NIKE, Inc.