Cameron Johnson remembers being stationed every few years during early childhood. Therefore, he understands the stresses and challenges that come with new beginnings firsthand.

He eventually learned how to make any new place feel like home. Now, Johnson wants to alleviate the pressures of a fresh start through Nickson. Founded in 2017, the “Uber of furniture” does all the work so you don’t have to.

Courtesy of Nickson

“The idea was to help people and empower their fresh start. Life is hard and a place to call home should be easy, so that has been our ethos since day one,” Johnson told AfroTech exclusively.

An Independent Research Project Leads To Epiphany

The idea was brewing in the water while Johnson was working under Greystar Real Estate Partners. He spent countless hours finding ways to increase resident satisfaction while securing a higher return on investment.

Johnson became intrigued with the behaviors and trends he was finding over time. He noted many people touring apartments were looking to rent the model. Johnson then embarked on an independent research project to assess why people were gravitating toward renting the model home unit. He concluded that people heavily disliked the moving process.

“Typically there’s a unit that’s staged, looks beautiful, and is move-in-ready. I learned that all over the country, as I talked to leasing agents, a percentage of our rent population would walk into the building and say, ‘Can I just have this one?'” he said. “So, there was just a thought of ‘Why are people asking to rent the model?'”

He continued: “If our jobs are to increase the value of the investment through increasing resident satisfaction, would they pay more to just have the model, and could we possibly give it to them? That led to an independent research project. I realized that people are asking because they don’t like moving. You can go to Google — moving ranks up there with most stressful life events, alongside divorce and death of a loved one,” Johnson said.

How To Secure Your Dream Living Space

Nickson is a byproduct of Johnson’s curiosity and efforts to launch a company meeting consumer needs as it pertains to relocation.

The company relies on its expertise in real estate, interior design, procurement, and logistics, as per the company’s website. What’s more, the process is seamless and subscription plans start as low as $199 per month and upwards to $599 per month. After signing a lease, users have to follow three simple steps: notify Nickson where they are moving, define their aesthetic, and select a reservation date.

The company offers up to 250 different items that can be delivered and installed in the apartment for a fully furnished living space by the determined moving date. The engineering of the apartment’s infrastructure will be reimagined by Nickson’s team.

Johnson Plans To Expand Beyond Texas

Already, Nickson has helped at least 1,000 people and clientele has ranged between the ages of 18 to 80 years of age. That number is expected to continue to scale as Nickson is on the brink of a new round of funding.

As AfroTech previously told you, the company raised $12 million in 2021, which Johnson said led to a growth of 400 percent.

As the company looks ahead, it plans to scale beyond Texas and interests are already pointing to the west coast. Over time, Johnson plans for Nickson to reach every market where people experience relocation issues.