Michael Blackson is taking his talents to Ghana, but not as a comedian.

According to Face2Face Africa, the Ghanaian-American comedian took his talents back home to work on a project that should be complete by next year — a school for his village.

“Only thing that matters to me are the kids. Education can help them understand everything so I’m building them a school in my village. By the grace of God they will be in class next year,” Blackson said in an Instagram caption.

Blackson shared a video with him surrounded by some excited kids along with Ghanaian Afrobeats star, Fuse ODG, who assured them the educational facility will be complete soon.

“Next September you’ll have a school, OK?” said ODG, reports Face2Face Africa. “You’re standing in your classroom right now. School is coming very soon, OK? Uncle promise you. School is on its way.”