If you’re the type of person to watch the Super Bowl for the ads, you’re in for a treat this Sunday, Feb. 7.

According to Engadget, Michael B. Jordan — “Black Panther” star, People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive, Lori Harvey’s official boyfriend, and the Internet’s unofficial boyfriend — has been announced as the voice and body of Amazon’s Alexa.

The commercial, which is titled “Alexa’s Body” will make its debut when the Chiefs face off against the Buccaneers. It features an Amazon employee marveling at the new Echo model (which retails for the reasonable price of $100) before drifting off to a daydream. A bus pulls up outside, and the bus features an ad-within-an-ad of Michael B. Jordan advertising “Without Remorse,” a new series featured on — where else? — Amazon Prime.

Check out a clip of the ad below:

In other Amazon news, Jeff Bezos has announced that he’s recently stepped down as the CEO of the company, and will instead take on an executive role. Andy Jassy will replace Bezos as the company’s CEO.

Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan is riding the wave of success brought to him by his latest projects, including “Without Remorse,” though his future father-in-law Steve Harvey isn’t exactly his biggest fan.

As for the new Amazon Echo? It has all new bells and whistles that will even help guard your home when you’re away from it.