A few months ago, a clip of Taraji P. Henson playing Cookie Lyon appeared all over the internet with her emotionally saying, “I gotta put me first, Luscious.” People used this clip to make countless memes about how they needed to prioritize themselves over anything else.

Well, Meek Mill just acted out this scene in real life with an exit from his now-former label, Roc Nation.

Me, Myself, And I

According to Billboard, Meek Mill has chosen to leave Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Management. He has been a part of the management group since 2012.

Since the announcement, Meek is no longer on the company’s website, and his images have been cleared from all associated social media accounts. While the exit seemed abrupt and had everyone on Blue Ivy’s internet in a tizzy, Meek chimed in to calm all the chatter.

In a tweet addressing the incident, Meek wrote, “All I seen today was meek and roc part ways …I’m personally handling my own business so I can take risk and grow.. we came to that agreement together. I have a label deal with roc for my artist and I got reform super tied with them and many other investments wit jigga.”

Clearing The Air

Although the Philadelphia rapper has decided to part ways, his exit does not affect his deals with his artists, as referenced in the above tweet.

In 2019, Meek signed a joint venture deal with Roc Nation and his label, Dreamchasers, where he is the president. Since his release from prison, Meek Mill has also joined the Board of Directors for REFORM Alliance, where Sean Carter serves as a Founding Partner, as they aim to end unjust sentencing in the United States.

While it seems as if Meek cleared the air about any possible tension between him and Roc Nation, he wanted it to be clear that his actions with Roc have nothing to do with his previous grievances with Atlantic Records.

Meek expressed frustration in February 2022 about his latest album, “Expensive Pain,” not being supported by his label Atlantic Records – although it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.