There is a Black family-owned winery operating out of the state of Maryland. 

Created out of a deep desire to honor their family’s legacy, Matthew and Jon’ll Boyd launched Boyd Cru Wines, a family-owned winery crafting locally made wines while also fostering community and connection.

Representation Matters

“As the old saying goes, ‘representation matters,’ and although when considering entering the wine industry and starting our own winery we noticed there was a lack of diversity, it was the innovation and history of what our ancestors were able to accomplish and what that stood for that gave us the faith and the courage to move forward and launch our wine company,” Jon’ll told Canvas Rebel.

The winery opened in April 2023, and the pair said their ultimate goal is “to own and operate a stand-alone vineyard with a community marketplace and incubator for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are just starting their business.”

A Fun, New Way To Enjoy Wine

With Boyd Cru Wines, the Boyd family aims to cultivate a space for people looking to experience wine in a fun new way.

“Our desire is to create a company and world where wine is the centerpiece that brings people together,” read the Boyd Cru Wines website. “As you go through life’s experiences, Boyd Cru Wines will be right there to grow with you.”

What’s more, according to a report shared by KCRA, the Association of African American Vintners revealed that there are roughly 100 Black-owned wineries across the nation.

This means that less than one percent of the 11,500 locations around the U.S. are owned and operated by Black people.

A Background For Wine

For the last 12 years, Jon’ll has run her own event planning business while also helping to start other companies with 6-figure sales. 

Her passion for wine led her to create this business alongside her husband, Matthew, whose love for grapes comes from 12 years in the pharmaceutical and chemistry fields. For him, creating wine allows room for both chemistry and art and together the couple uses their MBAs to run the family business.

Editorial Note: This piece has been updated to reflect that this is the first Black family owned wine company in Maryland.