Robin and Andréa McBride continue to revolutionize the wine industry through their business, but their discovery of one another was a moment in itself.


According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the sisters actually grew up on two different continents and did not learn of one another’s existence until the ages of 25 and 16.

Initially, they both believed they were only children, living with their mothers — one in Marlborough, New Zealand, and the other in Monterey, CA. 


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The Meeting Of A Lifetime

Both born in Los Angeles, CA, nine years apart, the McBride sisters shared a father whom they had no communication with after his split with their mothers shortly after each of them were born. 

It wasn’t until he grew ill and went on a voyage to locate them, after being inspired by an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” that they would soon create a bond that has grown to become inseparable.

“It wasn’t like normal life after that,” said Robin, who, during the initial contact via a letter (texting and emails weren’t yet a thing) from her father’s sister about his death, thought it was a scam. She almost didn’t respond.

“The whole thing felt scammy to me,” she revealed to the publication.

Luckily, though, Robin did answer the letter, and the rest is history as the two met, formed a relationship, and soon went into the wine business together.

Over the last 18 years, the pair has managed to build an empire.

Shifting The Wine Industry

Today, they own the largest all women-founded wine company in the nation, the McBride Sisters Wine. Co., which is responsible for wine brands like Black Girl Magic. 

“I never could have imagined the scope of this business,” said Robin, recalling how far they’ve come for nearly two decades. 

Andréa added, “We were so obsessed with wine, we just wanted more people to know about it.”

What’s more, the McBrides have expanded the business with their first-ever vineyard located in Napa and Sonoma County’s Carneros region.

The vineyard consists of 12 acres and has a 1920s-era farmhouse, guest houses, equestrian stables, tennis and basketball courts, and a pool.

Taking Their Love For Wine To A New Level

During the interview, they disclosed that renovations are currently underway, and it’s safe to say the plans that the sisters have for the new venture are just like anything they do — big.

Looking ahead, the McBrides plan to do everything from launching large edible gardens, hosting students from their She Can Fund, holding special events, and more.