Marques Brownlee is bringing his expertise as a top creator to a first-of-its-kind platform.

The tech YouTuber has joined Glystn, “the first AI-driven community engagement engine that helps creators scale their businesses through intelligent automation,” as an advisor, according to a press release shared with AFROTECH. Brownlee was among the platform’s early pilot partners who provided feedback during the development of its new products.

“Glystn’s ability to reveal insights and distill feedback from across our channels has been a level-up for our team, giving us the confidence to plan a content pipeline that we know will resonate with our community,” Brownlee shared in a statement.

“It is a great tool for learning about my own audience, but also lets us unlock deep insights about other creator communities and trends we want to know more about,” he added. “Glystn’s AI solution is opening a new level of value in the creator economy, and we’re excited to be part of the advisory team.” 

Under the goal of helping creators optimize engagement and scale their online community, Glystn has debuted new AI-powered features: competitive listening, sentiment analysis, and content ideation. 

“As the number of new social platforms continues to rise, so has the demand for creators to maintain a multi-platform community presence,” Glystn Founder and CEO Ethan Fassett said. “That’s why we’ve worked closely with our creator partners to ensure our new features meet creators’ ever-evolving needs.”

He continued, “Our platform provides the intelligence and automation for creators to manage and grow their audience, with a focus on community engagement to help authentically align messaging with sponsors and fans, and these new features will help them maintain that competitive edge.

Multiple investors have joined in on Glystn’s mission to support creators’ advancement through the power of technology. The press release details that the company raised $4 million in funding with investments from Eniac Ventures, Precursor Ventures, Hannah Grey VC, and Future Perfect Ventures.