Five years ago is when Redfoo — former member of the electronic duo LMFAO — first found his passion in the coding community. The Grammy-nominated artist aims to empower others to join him in learning how to code, according to information shared with AfroTech.

Redfoo Partners With Web3 Platform Radix

In Redfoo’s partnership with Radix, described as the first layer-one protocol specifically built to serve Decentralized Finance (DeFi), they will be working together to help simplify programming in Web3.

During an SXSW digital creative conference this year, he met its CEO Piers Ridyard, and from there, the interaction developed into them officially joining forces. As a believer that blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 programming can create assets and wealth, Redfoo wants aspiring coders to hop on board to achieve it.

“If I can do it, anyone can do it,” he said.

How Radix Works

Per the information shared, the platform “removes the constant threat of hacks and uncertainty that crypto remains safe, making it worthwhile to learn-especially in the current climate.” The overall intent behind the “unlikely” collaboration is to show that anyone can become involved in Web3.

Hackathon Hosted In California

The duo created FooHack — a three-day hackathon hosted at Redfoo’s home, the “Party Rock Ranch.” Launched from June 14 to June 16, three members of the Radix Developer community had the opportunity to join Redfoo to build a real live dApp, FooHack’s website details. Two frontend-focused and two backend-focused developers were selected. 

Being that the artist turned musician is a big chess fan, the hackathon began with a chess engine that he had been working to implement. After studying computer programming languages like C, C#, and Swift, he became a fan of the approach of Scrypto for building decentralized applications.

The target for the event was to “implement an entire on-ledger chess application with a web-based user interface, as well as one or more other applications that integrate with the chess application in some way.”