For Lil Wayne, talent speaks for itself, and he believes his craft cannot be duplicated by artificial intelligence (AI).

In an interview as the cover star of Billboard’s 50th Hip-Hop celebration, the New Orleans native opened up about his thoughts on AI recreating his rhymes.

“Someone asked me about that recently,” said Lil Wayne in an interview with the outlet. “And they were trying to tell me that AI could make a voice that sounds just like me. But it’s not me, because I’m amazing.”

He continued, “I’m like, ‘Is this AI thing going to be amazing too?’ Because I am naturally, organically amazing. I’m one of a kind. So actually, I would love to see that thing try to duplicate this motherf*cker.”


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As someone who has been rhyming since eight years old, all that Lil Wayne has ever known is rap. This could very well be the reason that he doesn’t believe technology could come in and create something remotely as great.

“When it comes to music and opportunities, you know, again, I haven’t worked a day in my d-mn life,” the “A Mili” emcee said during an appearance on “The Pivot Podcast.” “I’ve literally been doing this since 7 or 8 years old. And I signed at 11. So, I’ve never had a real job…besides this. So I’ve been living my dreams ever since, and I just been making sure I maintain and keep going.”