The hustle of Houston, TX, entrepreneur Ishmael Wilson didn’t go unnoticed.

Wilson is the owner of popular food business HTX Food Plug, known for its Hot Cheetos boudin balls. The entrepreneur and student caught the attention of food critique Keith Lee during his Houston food tour taste test.

Lee had initially reached out to Wilson in hopes of getting his hands on the boudin balls as he had caught wind of various videos from happy customers.

Wilson responded the night before Lee and his family were departing from Houston, TX, and confirmed he would deliver his popular menu item. However, on delivery day, Wilson nearly lucked out on the window of opportunity because Lee was already at the airport ready to leave.

Let this be a reminder that when there is a will, there is surely a way! Wilson went the extra mile to stop by two airports to find Lee and ensure he would receive the sought-after menu item.

“We’re posted at both airports,” Wilson texted Lee. “Just let us know which one to come to! I’m very ambitious. I never give up.”

Wilson’s determination would lead to receiving an 8.9 rating for his food from Lee, who would later post the review on his TikTok along with an announcement that he was leaving a financial blessing for Wilson.

“The owner of these boudin balls, not only were they really really good in my opinion, I respect and I admire your hustling, your grind. He don’t know this yet ’cause if he watching this video, he seen it just like y’all. He don’t know nothing. But he said he is a student. And I saw the ding on his door. And again, I respect his hustle more than I can explain. So if you’re watching this, I want you to know I wanna send you $2,500,” Lee said in a TikTok video. “You can use it to fix your door. You can use it for school. You can use to continue your business. Whatever you want is yours. God bless you. And I thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey, and I pray and I hope after this you reach your target, your audience and I already know you have. But I thank God in advance that you reached the world.”

@keith_lee125 #stitch with @Htxfoodplug🤩 Houston Boudin Ball taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic ♬ original sound – Keith Lee

Wilson responded in a video expressing his gratitude and confirmed he used the money to invest directly back into his business through the purchase of kitchen equipment for his restaurant.

@htxfoodplug_Thank you for believing in me @keith_lee125 i decided to invest in myself and back into my business with your blessing thank you once again 🙌🏾🖤♬ original sound – Htxfoodplug🤩

“I really want to give a special thanks to Keith Lee,” Wilson said in a follow-up video shared on TikTok. “He blessed me to fix my car door, invest in my business. I chose to invest in my business. I got me a fryer, stainless steel table, and I got me a new refrigerator.”

He added, “I decided to invest back into myself and my business so I could prep and be prepared for days like this. By me purchasing a refrigerator, I can prep and store more, so I can have you guys out in a timely fashion. By me buying this fryer, I can cook way more and get this line moving. So I really do appreciate y’all and the support. I’m trying my best, and I appreciate everyone that supports me. I love y’all.”