Employees have stepped forward with claims of what it’s like to work under Kanye West.

According to Rolling Stone, employees claim they were left to deal with the repercussions of West’s tumbling empire. Additionally, they allege that West’s frustrations appeared to be reflected in his actions toward staffers.

Employees alleged that it created tension in the workplace and contributed to an “abusive” work culture, according to nearly 24 former Yeezy, adidas, and Gap collaborators and staffers.

Their experiences included claims of a combination of “abrupt firings and rolling layoffs, intimidation and humiliation tactics, and a cult-like atmosphere where sycophancy thrived,” sources told Rolling Stone.

“His anger at us in everyday interactions was just inappropriate, and honestly an HR nightmare,” one adidas Yeezy designer told Rolling Stone.

“He thrives off of chaos,” a former employee said, according to Rolling Stone. “He needs that around to keep him hungry and motivated and all this other stuff.”

What’s more, there were also claims that West once fired an employee who suggested Drake be played through the studio’s speakers.

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap,’” an employee told Rolling Stone. “Big mistake — the next day I was fired.”

Incidences like this were said to be reoccurring.

Staffers described every day on the job as feeling more like an audition, according to Rolling Stone, and a “mess.”

“We would call it ‘the billion-dollar startup’ because it truly felt like a startup and a mess,” a staffer said, according to Rolling Stone.

Some Staffers Claim They Were Not Paid

Some staffers claimed they were not fairly compensated for their labor. Some also claim they went months before seeing a dollar hit their accounts.

The outlet also reports that one employee said they went on a “mini-strike” until they were paid, while others say they are still on standby for their compensation.

“I’m not sure he ever realized that people in his orbit weren’t getting paid,” a former Yeezy member explained to Rolling Stone. “I think he just thought, ‘I’m not approving this stuff because I’m pissed for XYZ, so I’m just gonna put a halt on whatever [Adidas] bring[s] to us for payment.’ I really don’t know that he ever looked deep enough to know that it was affecting his own people.”