The feud between Kanye West and an Australian burger joint seems to be far from over.

West’s frustrations explained: As AfroTech previously told you, College Dropout Burgers caught the attention of West for the wrong reasons.

What’s on the menu? The restaurant had reportedly received a cease and desist letter that forced it to rebrand. However, West’s lawyers state the restaurant has failed to maintain its rebrand and has reverted to the Kanye-inspired menu items, The Age reports.

The Australian burger restaurant, owned by Mark Elkhouri, had overtly used his likeliness for menu items that include the “Golddigger” fried chicken sandwich, “Good Morning” breakfast sandwich, and “Cheezus” burger.

Legal action reportedly in the works: Due to this, a legal battle may be brewing.

Already, a 43-page document has been filed at the Federal Court in hopes of holding Elkhouri accountable for the misleading advertising as the store and products have not received a stamp of approval from West.

“Ye has suffered, and will continue to suffer, loss and damage,” the documents reads, according to The Age.

West’s legal team claims that his influence and stature in music make it evident, that the business name and the goods being sold at the store cannot be mistaken for anyone other than West.

“Ye has sold more than 140 million records internationally and is one of the best-selling artists of all time,” the statement read.

Lawyers are pushing to erase trademark application of restaurant: Currently, the lawyers are hoping for a permanent injunction to ensure the company can no longer suggest West has endorsed, sponsored, or approved its fast-food products. In addition, they are seeking for Elkhouri to pull the plug on the trademark application for College Dropout Burgers and get rid of materials that allude to West.

Statement from Elkhouri: “I can’t understand what would motivate a major artist to sue a small humble burger restaurant on the other side of the world,” Elkhouri said on Monday, according to The Age.