All geniuses don’t wear lab coats. Sometimes, they ditch the lab coat and lead the way for innovation in technology!

When Josh Aviv first conjured up the idea for SparkCharge, he was simply just trying to create a solution that would provide accessibility to the smart car industry for more people!

“I started this company in my dorm room,” said Aviv in an exclusive interview with AfroTech. “While on the campus of Syracuse University, we were the definition of a dorm room startup. From there, we had the opportunity to really receive some really good investments.”

He continued: “And we were able to grow the company from one founder to a team of just about 40 employees.”

What is SparkCharge?

As previously reported by AfroTech, SparkCharge solves the problem of having to search for the nearest charging station for an electric vehicle (EV). It is the world’s first on-demand mobile electric charging network.

“We realized that as society was moving forward, everything was being brought on demand and made convenient but when it came to electric vehicles,” Aviv explained. “It was always this notion of, ‘I have to go find, sit, and wait at a charger, which made owning an electric vehicle a hassle.”

For those without an EV charger at home or nearby, it made owning an electric vehicle impossible, but thanks to Aviv and SparkCharge, those barriers are being broken.

“We realized that essentially there were barriers that stopped people from actually buying an EV,” he said.

Making A Difference

From there, Aviv figured that the barriers could be broken by removing them instantly through a solution that works directly from one’s mobile device. 

“We developed and launched the world’s first on-demand EV charging mobile app, called Currently EV, where an EV owner can select how much range they want, where they want it and with the push of a button, get it delivered.”

Thanks to this mastermind, there is no longer a need for existing infrastructure to be there thus eliminating the worry behind where, when, and how EV owners are able to find a charge.

Currently is currently located in Los Angeles,San Francisco,  San Jose, and Dallas, with plans to expand to other cities.

AFROTECH™ Future 50

We’re honored to call Josh Aviv, a changemaker, who is one of the honorees of the AFROTECH™ Future 50 list making a difference in the world with SparkCharge.