The days of locating the nearest charging station for your vehicle are gone thanks to BoostEV, the world’s first on-demand mobile electric vehicle charging network.

According to a press release, with a push of a button, electric vehicle owners can now access this new network via the SparkCharge’s BoostEV smartphone app and have a charge delivered directly to their vehicle.

This new service will eliminate the need to rely on current non-mobile electric vehicle charging infrastructure and forward-thinking companies like Spiffy, Allstate Roadside and others are teaming up with SparkCharge to make it happen.

“We’re building a completely new type of EV charging infrastructure,” shared SparkCharge CEO, Josh Aviv, in a press release. “It’s mobile, on-demand and for the first time truly gives EV owners freedom and control to charge their car anytime, anywhere by ordering the service through the Boost EV app. Just like food delivery, EV owners can now have range delivered to them on the spot. When people think about EV charging, we know BoostEV will be top of mind for them.”

Customer-centric companies like Allstate are already captivated by SparkCharge’s revolutionary electric vehicle charging network.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of SparkCharge

“Our relationship with SparkCharge supports our commitment to providing innovative solutions and a circle of protection for customers,” said Joan Trach, Allstate Roadside Chief Operating Officer in a press release. “With SparkCharge, Allstate Roadside is able to protect more customers by expanding roadside service and protection to those with electric vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you drive, Allstate Roadside is there for you.”

The growing demand for electric vehicles is increasing with states following California and Massachusett’s ban of new gas vehicle sales starting in 2035. SparkCharge is preparing to meet the demand with BoostEV.

From being started in Aviv’s dorm room in 2017 to appearing on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” SparkCharge is now a multimillion-dollar company with the backing of Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

“When SparkCharge appeared on Shark Tank, I knew they were on the cusp of something game changing, and this is it,” said Mark Cuban, serial entrepreneur, and SparkCharge investor in a statement. “They have created a new, innovative EV charging infrastructure that eliminates the stress of range anxiety for all EV owners. The EV market is growing so fast and having a network completely free from the legacy issues of old infrastructure is huge. As an electric vehicle owner myself, getting my car charged while I do other things is priceless.”

Currently, BoostEV Charging as a Service (CaaS) is available in select cities like Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Raleigh, Richmond, VA, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz.