As more electric vehicles hit the road, Los Angeles-based ChargerHelp! — an on-demand repair app for electric vehicle charging stations — has closed a $2.75 million funding round. With its new funding, it plans to build out its tech platform, hire new team members and expand to more service areas, TechCrunch reports.

The Black women-led company was co-founded by Kameale Terry and Evette Ellis in January 2020 after receiving demand for its services from customers and investors. Now, the company works directly with charging manufacturers and network providers to provide its services. Trucks VC, Kapor Capital, JFF, Energy Impact Partners and The Fund made investments in ChargerHelp’s! recent funding round.

The inspiration behind ChargerHelp! came from Terry’s tenure at EV Connect, where she worked with various manufacturers and learned about the common problems with electric vehicle chargers.

Terry told TechCrunch that when there was an issue at a charging station in the Los Angeles area, she would just go fix things and swap parts herself. Terry noticed this gap in the market when it came to repairs and preventative maintenance service at these charging stations, so she teamed up with Ellis after joining the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator to launch ChargerHelp!

Since its inception, Terry and Ellis were accepted into the Elemental Excelerator’s startup incubator, launched a pilot program with Tellus Power and secured $400,000 in grant funding, TechCrunch reported.

ChargerHelp! currently has a team of 27 employees, with plans to hire new team members as it expands to more service areas. The company will begin recruiting more vehicle service technicians in April. ChargerHelp! works directly with workforce development centers in its service areas to fulfill its hiring needs. The company is currently contracted to work in six states,  including California, Texas, New York, Florida, Colorado and Oregon, its website reads.

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