Could grocery stores be getting a celebrity facelift from NBA star Jimmy Butler?

The Miami Heat guard recently filed trademark applications around his Big Face brand to include fresh produce, beverages, and baked goods.

More Than Coffee

Currently, Butler’s brand is known for coffee, but the trademark filings indicate that something new may be on the horizon.

According to a tweet from Josh Gerben, Butler submitted the trademark applications in April.

The current filings with the United States Patent and Trademarks Office indicate that Big Face will expand. There are two new branding concepts associated with Butler’s plans: “May Cause Involuntary Happiness” and “Contains Smilematter.”

Putting In Work For The Brand

Big Face coffee products are a result of Butler’s obsession with coffee. During a 2020 conversation with Sports Illustrated, the NBA star highlighted his love for the typical morning drink, but it was only a love for the beverage and not a business idea.

Fast forward to the present day, and Butler is now selling coffee and associated merch, AfroTech previously reported.

In a separate report by Sports Illustrated, it was noted that Butler opened a pop-up coffee shop at the Miami Open in mid-March. Butler served as a barista during that time, creating drinks for the tennis tournament attendees and VIP guests.

“I’ve probably been a fan of tennis for about three years now,” Butler told Sports Illustrated. “I’m just in my little own joyful world right now that I get to be around tennis and coffee in one setting.”

While official details about the expansion of Big Face are still pending, what is clear is that Butler is serious about his entrepreneurial efforts and the work it takes to make it a success — even if it means he gets behind the counter for sales.

Supposing all works out, how excited are you to get your next produce lift from Jimmy Butler?