We’ve all heard the stories about Black millionaires making their dreams come true through impossible odds. But Jherrod Thomas of the Tomco Service Group has a very different story.

The 32-year-old engineer from Mississippi is a walking testament that success can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a 9-to-5 job.

Yes, you read that correctly: a 9-to-5 job. That’s not something the Instagram hustling crowd necessarily wants you to hear or see, but it still is quite relevant — and a much more reliable way to make that coveted million.

“After years of working in my 9-5 job, and barely making it through the month, I determined that I would need to do something different if I wanted to live a more bountiful life,” Jherrod Thomas said in a statement. “I started to grab as many books I could find on wealth building, investing, financial literacy, and engineering. I knew that if I combined my current skills with wealth-building knowledge, I could achieve the goal of earning one million dollars. Now that I’ve achieved this goal for myself, my next goal is to help others achieve this goal, too.”

In other words, Jherrod Thomas didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary to make his millions. Rather, he combined his already-existing knowledge with a plethora of books that addressed his specific goals.

Tomco Service Group is “an engineering service firm that specializes in the development and implementation of innovative technology for next-generation robotic and autonomous systems.”

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