Talk to Jermaine Dupri very nicely, as he is set to receive an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from the Art Institute of Atlanta (Ai Atlanta).

According to a press release, the legendary songwriter will receive the achievement for his influence throughout the music industry.

Statement From Elden Monday, Interim Campus President of The Art Institute of Atlanta:

“It gives us great pleasure to nominate Jermaine Dupri for an honorary degree from The Art Institute of Atlanta as his impressive achievements serve as an example of our aspirations for our students. Jermaine is a visionary who has contributed significantly to the Atlanta community through his work in the global entertainment market. As long-time fans of Jermaine and his music, his accomplishments and contributions to the music industry directly align with the mission of our institution as we strive to nourish and develop creative warriors to become productive contributors to society.”

Dupri Will Be The Commencement Speaker For The Class Of 2022

In a press release, it was also announced that Dupri will be the commencement speaker for the institute’s 2022 graduating class on June 17.

“The students set to graduate from Ai Atlanta are unlike other graduates – they are truly super creatives – so it’s really exciting for me to speak to them and impart some advice on their special day,” said Dupri, according to a press release. “I hope they see me as proof that hard work and unrelenting dedication busts down doors and makes anything you want to achieve possible.”

Dupri And Ludacris Reach New Heights

Dupri took to Instagram to share the feat, which he will also be sharing with another influential figure in the music industry. As AfroTech previously told you, Ludacris was recently awarded an honorary degree from Georgia State University for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to its students.

“Yo, I guess from this day forth you gotta call me Dr. Dupri,” he said on Instagram. “Shout out to the Art Institute of Atlanta. I will be doing the commencement speech at this year’s graduation as well as receiving a Doctor of Fine Arts Degree, yeah. I seen Ludacris get his degree…I got mine now! Dr. Dupri.”