Ice Cube wants to gain control of the “Friday” franchise, but he isn’t looking to use his own coins.

During an episode of Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin’ podcast, Ice Cube revealed Warner Bros. is not looking to transfer control of the iconic “Friday” franchise, in which he produced and had a leading role.

Warner Bros. owns the distribution rights to “Friday:” The films had originally been released by New Line Cinema. However, Warner Bros. acquired the distribution rights following a merger in 2008. Therefore, for a new film to return to the big screen, Warner Bros. would have to give the green light.

Ice Cube appears to not be giving up on his chances.

“I don’t know. Warner Brothers is weird right now,” Ice Cube said while on the podcast. “I don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t know what they’re doing. We’d love to have it back. I think it’s going be close to a time when we get it back. So, we’ll either wait for that time, or we’ll keep trying to convince them that they need to let us control the movie. It’s my movie, but they have distribution control.”

Tyson then asked Ice Cube if he would be willing to put up his coins to secure control of the “Friday” franchise. He didn’t entertain the idea, but he is confident the film will still fill both parties’ pockets if it ever hits the screen.

Ice Cube On Paying For Full Control Of Franchise

“…I’m not about to pay for my own stuff, that’s stupid. They need to do the right thing, get it to us, let us turn it into more money, and make the fans happy…We can do a lot with it,” Ice Cube expressed.