Community is essential for the overall well-being of Black women, and Health in Her HUE is on a mission to help each one find her tribe.

Health in Her HUE

The platform was launched by public health innovator Ashlee Wisdom alongside strategic executor Eddwina Bright. Together, they’re using their expertise to fight against the health disparities faced by women who look like them across the nation.

“The reason why Health in Her HUE is particularly important for Black women is because Black women have some of the worst health outcomes and not because of anything that we’re doing wrong, but because of the structural, institutional, and interpersonal racism,” Wisdom told AfroTech. “And so because we have some of the worst health outcomes, it’s important for there to be equitable health care solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of Black women.”

Serving Women In The Digital Space

Health In Her HUE aims to help both Black women and women of color stay informed when making choices about their health, but, just as important, the digital space is there to help them feel empowered.

“We’re a digital health platform that connects Black women and women of color to racially inclusive and culturally sensitive healthcare providers,” Bright said. “We connect them with evidence-based content, essentially their lived experiences, and then we also connect them to community support.”

She continued: “When we think about our products and what we offer, we describe it in three ‘Cs.’ The first ‘C’ is ‘connection’ and that’s our provider directory. We have about 1,200 providers across 60 specialties, currently listed on the platform. The second ‘C’ is ‘content.’ We have a content and research library that is separated into 10 different health and wellness topics. And then we have the ‘community’ ‘C.’ We offer a community forum, again, separated across those health and wellness topics where women can talk to each other or talk to healthcare providers. Another component of our community is our care squad program.”

The Health in Her HUE platform uses a vigorous onboarding process for providers, including a health interview. Rather than taking a data approach like many other companies, professionals looking to join Health in Her HUE have to self-opt in because it is vital that they are in alignment with the company’s broader mission.

“Our overall vision is to be the first touch point for Black women and women of color when it comes to their health,” Wisdom concluded. “And so what that actually means is that if a woman has a question related to her health, her first instinct isn’t going to WebMD or Google, but it’s Health in Her HUE’s content and resource library where she can find videos and articles on that particular condition.”

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