Goalsetter is going from online to the classrooms!

Founder and CEO Tanya Van Court’s financial literacy platform has joined Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) to provide financial education, developed according to Jumpstart.org and Council for Economic Education, to high schoolers, per a press release shared with AfroTech.

The partnership comes after Georgia’s financial literacy curriculum mandate for high schools, which is required by districts to implement by the 2024-2025 school year — making CCPS a year ahead. 

While checking off the mandate for high schools, the CCPS students are set to have access to savings and investment accounts. Over 3,300 11th and 12th are expected to start their financial freedom journey.

“We are proud to establish a partnership with Goalsetter to strengthen financial literacy among our students as they continue their K-12 matriculation and become successful adults,” said Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, Superintendent/CEO of Schools, per the press release.

He continued: “Money management is key so that our scholars can become financially stable, build wealth and assets and achieve their personal goals beyond Clayton County Schools. We are excited to provide this tool to our students.”

Goalsetter Classroom is set to provide relevant and timely classroom financial education, investment accounts (educators and parents will also have access), and one-on-one financial training for parents and educators. What’s more, the Goalsetter Foundation and Nike have teamed up to “give Nike stock to qualified CCPS students to encourage early asset building, creating the next generation of savers and investors, and financially responsible young people,” the press release shares.

“Historically, we have not taught children or even adults the critical components of managing money and growing wealth, and a lack of knowledge is a primary factor in a lack of asset building,” Van Court said. “By teaching our children healthy money habits today, we are helping them avoid the pitfalls of debt and putting them on the path to building generational wealth.”