You should never underestimate the power of technology.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has found its way into homes, businesses, and pretty much anywhere that it sees fit, and when it comes to gaming systems, the technology used is no different.

Now developers have unveiled a first-of-its-kind AI personality that will allow users to have conversations within their game console through TRDR Series 2.


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An All-New Gaming Experience

“The idea to include AI into the consoles actually came from a need to be able to remotely diagnose problems with the hardware of the first iteration,” said Go Games founder Gianni O’Connor.

“We found that it was very hard to understand what might be wrong with a device with somebody on the other end of the line that isn’t technically savvy,” he continued. “So, we discussed the inclusion of a virtual assistant and from that, the idea then evolved into what other beneficial purposes it could serve, which led us to create a device that could engage in conversation and offer up valuable advice.”

As a creative, the use of AI has been a game-changer for O’Connor who says tech, in his view, originates from things that most young computer, gaming, and sci-fi enthusiasts saw within movies that might have seemed far-fetched.

Now, it’s imperative that he makes this form of technology accessible through a handheld device within the world of gaming.

The Power of Good Tech

“Personally, I believe very good AI scares people, and the view is — because of films and other popular culture appearances — AI is so smart that it’s going to cause real-world harm. We, therefore, as developers, had to really think about how we introduce this to the world, hence why we have diligently undergone months of ethics testing,” he shared. “The integration into the games console is just the first step of our process, but nonetheless represents the smartest device you can carry around.”

The TRDR console is available in three different color waves, with each being symbolic of the AI personalities developed by Go Games. Those personalities include Scarlet, Tony, and Julia, whom gamers can have a conversation with while playing the game.

Courtesy of Go Games

Although the future of tech is here, O’Connor isn’t necessarily attempting to thwart the way that AI looks in consumers’ hands, but instead is “hoping to spark the minds of kids that will see what we are doing.”

The Dangers of AI Software

With the viral incident of AI being used in a way that seemed to be demeaning to Black people through the AI rapper signed to Capitol Records, FN Meka, O’Connor spoke to the responsibility of people of color being included in the development of technology as it continues to evolve.

“I think there is a reason for people of color to be in every space but I think it’s actually culture that drives some of the best consumer products. By learning and understanding how a certain set of people live and do things, you can build much better products,” O’Connor explained. “When it comes to AI specifically, a lot of what is learned is from the internet which despite being a fantastic source of information, a small portion of it can also be very harmful and biased.”

He added, “It’s very important that we monitor these spaces as it will allow us to actually improve our AI and teach it about important subjects such as racism, political influence, sexism, and homophobia. What’s really exciting about this is once it has learned all the information, the AI then provides a fresh perspective that could potentially solve political and cultural differences that a human mind wouldn’t be able to do because of our emotions and egos.”