Kobe Bryant’s widowed wife Vanessa Bryant is doing everything in her power to keep her late husband and daughter’s legacies alive.

Just after Kobe Bryant’s two-decade Nike deal has come to an end, his widow is making good on her promise to give his fans, as well as Gianna Bryant’s fans, something to enjoy wearing to honor their trailblazing sports careers.

Last week, Vanessa unveiled a teaser of her late daughter’s new apparel brand, Mambacita, in celebration of what would’ve been the teen basketball star’s 15th birthday.

She shared a sneak peek of the clothing line with her Instagram followers and noted that 100% of the proceeds would be going toward the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.


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The new collection consists of limited edition tie dye apparel called the MAMBACITA x DANNIJO capsule – which includes a purple hoodie for Kobe’s Lakers colors and a black and white hoodie for Gianna’s Mamba uniform.

According to a representative from Kobe Bryant’s estate team, the new apparel line sold out this past Saturday in less than a day’s time.

In another Instagram post, Vanessa thanked customers and fans for all their support in a caption that read, “Thank you to everyone that supported our @mambamambacitasports fundraiser today! You have no idea how much your support of our foundation means to us. Your support helped our foundation sell out!!!”


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After news broke about Kobe’s Nike deal ending, reports shared that several trademarks were filed by his estate, suggesting that future brand deals were on the horizon.

CNN Business reports that intellectual property attorney Josh Gerben shared details with CNN about predictions for these newfound trademark filings conducted by Vanessa.

“The trademark filings made over the course of the past year indicate that Vanessa has been focusing on consolidating rights in all the trademarks associated with Kobe and Gianna into a company that she controls,” he said. “Given the size of the trademark portfolio she is building, I would expect a lot more in the coming months and years to honor the legacy of Kobe and Gianna.”