Gabrielle Thomas emerged as a victor in more ways than one at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. After competing against the so-called “fastest woman on Earth,” Thomas brought home a bronze medal for Team USA.

Our sister site, Blavity, reports how Thomas felt proud of her achievements, despite not taking home the gold.

“It means a lot because I really worked for that one. I fought tooth and nail for those last 30 meters. I did my best. I gave my best effort,” Thomas said. And even though she didn’t win the gold this time around, she hopes to do so in the future.

But more than just an Olympian, Gabby Thomas is an intelligent, educated woman. Gabrielle Thomas graduated from Harvard University with a degree in neurobiology, per Washington Post — and eventually wants to earn her Ph.D. while tackling the very real issue of racial health disparity. Currently, per the outlet, she’s continuing her studies at the University of Texas, where she hopes to graduate with a master’s degree in public health.

Still, nothing can quite compare to an Olympic win.

“Just being lined up with girls this caliber, in itself, that mindset that I’m going for something even greater than I imagined, and now coming here and getting a bronze and just knowing I belong,” Thomas said to Washington Post.

Obviously, people have a lot of questions about Gabrielle Thomas. Who is she? Where did she come from? What is her net worth? And what else should we know about her? As a relative newcomer to the Olympic scene, information about her is very limited — but we’ve come up with the answers to some of your most burning questions about her.

Let’s take a look at what we know about this rising Olympic superstar, who’s far more than just an accomplished athlete — she’s the epitome of Black girl magic!

What Is Gabrielle Thomas' Net Worth?

It’s very difficult to find legitimate sources to confirm Gabrielle Thomas’ net worth. Net Worth and Salary reports that her estimated net worth is between $1 million and $5 million, but they also said that this was “under review.”

But according to WUSA9, Olympians receive $15,000 for each bronze medal (Thomas won a bronze in the Tokyo Olympics). And, as long as their other winnings don’t exceed $1 million, they aren’t taxable.

Sportico also reports that she has an endorsement deal from New Balance shoes, which she signed in 2018 and will continue through 2022. The terms of that endorsement deal have not been disclosed. Her agent also said that since her win at the Olympics, “new sponsorship deals are on the horizon.”

Gabrielle Thomas Bio

Born on Dec. 7, 1996 in Atlanta, GA — Gabrielle Thomas graduated from Harvard University in 2019 with a degree in neurobiology. According to Sportico, she also won 22 Ivy League titles over six track and field events before heading off to the Olympics.

She moved to Massachusetts when she was 11-years-old. Her mother, Jennifer, is a professor at the University of Massachusetts — Amherst. Prior to attending Harvard, Thomas attended the prestigious Williston Northampton School.

How Tall Is Gabrielle Thomas?

According to her official Team USA profile, Gabrielle Thomas is five-foot-eleven. That makes her taller than the average American woman (who comes in at five-foot-three).