When your family sets you up for success, it’s only right to step right into it.

Since the tender age of five, Gabby Morrison has been working in her family’s restaurant, Nana Morrison’s Soul Food, located in Charlotte, NC.

According to the Charlotte Observer, although Morrison has been helping out with wiping down tables and stocking up silverware from a young age, her parents have always made sure that she was paid for her services.

Not only was she already generating an income stable enough to file her own tax returns, but by the age of 10, Morrison’s responsibilities began to increase. Since then, she’s been helping to create employee schedules, collaborating on hiring decisions, and doing payroll.

Although Morrison has yet to reach the age of 17, she will soon be in charge of the second Nana Morrison’s location, which will open on Monday, May 1.

The job will generate $100,000 per year and because of that, Morrison has planned to forego her college career to further her entrepreneurial dreams.

“I don’t have the desire to go and put the effort in to do it,” she shared.

Despite the fact that she is an honor-roll student and has maintained good grades and will even graduate early, Morrison believes the smartest option right now is to continue to pursue her dreams of having a role in running the family business.

“I was like, OK, this is the next step in my career,” Morrison said, according to the outlet. “I can do this now, or put my career on hold that I know is always gonna be here, and take another path, and it might not work out. So it’s like, just stick to what you know, and continue on with the restaurant business, and I can grow in it.”

Launched in 2011, Nana Morrison’s Soul Food has always been a family affair, and Gabby isn’t the only child of Kiana and Shawn Morrison who is involved in helping with the business.

The inspiration for the establishment was that Kiana was unable to find a soul-food restaurant in Charlotte that was to her liking.

“I always cooked at home,” Kiana Morrison told the outlet. “Everybody always seemed to like my cooking, and it was just like, OK, I want to open a restaurant. That’s how Nana’s came about. It was no desire to get into the restaurant business. It just felt like a lack of the type of food we were used to.”

Now, it is a continued family affair with Gabby Morrison setting her sights upon helping continue the family legacy.