Whoopi Goldberg is shutting down the sentiment that a college education is required to be successful.

During the Hot Topics segment on “The View,” the actress and her co-host Sunny Hostin had a brief exchange surrounding the topic. The discussion was sparked from a Reddit post, where a mother refused to give her daughter the college fund she saved for her because she wanted to instead use it on a home or wedding as she prepares to welcome her third child.


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The Emphasis On A College Education

Hostin, who agreed with the mother’s decision said, “That’s her mother’s money, she set that aside for an education. I’ve said it over and over again, an education is the great equalizer in this country and this world.” Goldberg disagreed and said, “Yes, but not for everybody.”

The two have opposing different viewpoints on a college education and the ways it can set a person up for a successful life.

The Wage Difference

Hostin held the stance that “most people without college educations make 80 percent less money.” She also noted that the guest of Tuesday’s (Oct. 4) show, Cori Bush, once lived in a car with two children while bringing in $7 an hour due to “no living wage.”



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Again, Goldberg interjected to note that Bush did not attend college, yet still went on to become a congresswoman. Hostin mentioned that Bush’s situation is “an anomaly” and that it isn’t “the norm.” Furthermore, she noted that the veteran actress has talent, which also makes a world of difference. “You’re an EGOT and that’s not the norm either,” Hostin said. “You got talent.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Goldberg is reportedly sitting on an estimated $60 million. Her contributions on “The View” attribute to $8 million of her income annually. As a woman of many firsts, the “Sister Act” actress made history as the first Black actress to receive Oscar nominations for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress.

Hostin is also in the millionaire category with an estimated net worth of $3 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

She is a law school graduate from Notre Dame and has been a daily host on “The View” since 2016.