Being behind quality products is one thing, but scaling across industries is an even bigger feat.

After building his name in tech with apps such as SongBooth, Gregory Lowe II took a leap into consumer packaged goods (CPG) by launching 100 Coconuts in 2019 — marking it as the first Black-owned coconut water brand.

Dedicated to his brand’s taste, the founder traveled to Vietnam to find top-notch coconuts. The purpose behind his trip across the world was for 100 Coconuts to have a great taste and still have all of the health benefits.

“100 Coconuts got its name from the saying ‘Keep it real, Keep it 100,'” Lowe II shared with AfroTech. “This means authenticity as a whole should always be cherished, and in that vein of thought ‘mood’ is a big part of everyday consumption. 100 looks at coconut water as the best hydration vessel to deliver healthy functional additives for your mood at any given time.”

100 Coconuts’ products include Pure Coconut Water, Pure Coconut Water + Tequila, and Pure Coconut Water + CBD.


As a tequila connoisseur, Lowe II infusing tequila was a natural decision. The idea is to be healthy and tipsy simultaneously. On the other hand, the CBD product aims to help consumers focus, chill and relax while being hydrated.

Among 100 Coconuts’ investors is Michael Strahan, who Lowe II says he initially met during his early days in tech.

“Strahan has been a good friend of mine for 10-plus years,” he said. “He’s also a coconut water and tequila lover. So, it was natural for me to have my friend serve as a taste tester on our early product samplings. We are both avid golfers. So, hitting the course and staying hydrated is crucial. It wasn’t planned for Strahan to invest but after experiencing our amazing brand and seeing our successful business model, it became a great fit.”

Strahan also shared similar sentiments with Fortune.

“Besides its great taste and expansive retail footprint, 100 Coconuts really stood out to me in the ways they were cutting into new categories like infusing CBD and tequila in coconut water—no one has done that. I was also in line with their community building strategy that is dedicated to reaching a diverse network of consumers by leveraging culture, like arts and music, to drive discovery and immediate loyalty,” he told the outlet.

In addition to the former NFL player and TV host, other “major” investors reportedly include Danny Stepper, Bill Deustch, Giuseppe Rossi, Constance Schwartz-Morini, Ann Tenenbaum, Jesse Lee, Thomas H. Lee, East Dune Holdings.

Currently, 100 Coconuts is sold in over 15,000 retail locations including Amazon, Walmart, Gopuff, and more.

The brand has seen successful growth, and it’s only the beginning of what Lowe II envisions.

“The vision for 100 Coconuts is to hydrate our community in a healthy and thoughtful way while telling stories of authenticity through our content campaigns. My goal for 100 has been to become omni channel with distribution nationally and internationally, we are almost there. Over the next three years, you will see 100 blossom into a culturally thoughtful brand with healthy, functional products that taste great.”