There’s been a major shift in streaming services this year pushing for more Black-led and Black-centered content to be present. While Black creators have always been present to speak to Black experiences from genuine perspectives, the lack of places to have those experiences heard has made it increasingly difficult to create more visibility.

Quibi — a short-form video service that officially launched on April 6 — included a slew of programs in their Daily Essentials lineup for daily-curated minutes long content. Among the bunch to originally launch with the streaming platform was “The Nod with Brittany & Eric”, a former audio podcast turned daily video series that digs into the stories of Black life that are not often told.

With a passion for Black culture, hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings cover everything on their digital show including film, fashion, sports, food, television, and more. Similar to the podcast’s original mission, the digital show aims to dig into the biggest moments and most under-explored corners of Black culture.

“In terms of content, the focus is always Black people, culture, and life,” said Eddings. “What’s nice is that [factor] hasn’t changed at all, it’s actually become more expansive.”

By existing on Quibi’s platform as well as their YouTube page with over 90,000 subscribers, “The Nod” is able to cater to audiences on both platforms further expanding their reach and appeal.

Each week, “The Nod’s” creative team and the hosts come together for pitch meetings where they discuss which topics to address on the show and how they can shape them into well-rounded discussions.

“The Nod,” like other shows uplifting Black culture, exists to show that it’s possible to speak to topics concerning Black audiences without sharing one common perspective. It is just one of many creations for Black culture that puts their own unique spin on their choice of content.

“I think we’re all number one,” said Eddings in regards to other shows dedicated to Black life and culture. “I think having that viewpoint is important to make sure that we can have that kind of representation in media.”

Luse added to this theory stating “We’re in this moment where there has been a lot of people across so many different aspects of the media. I think it’s become pretty clear that we need more Black people who are doing this work, especially Black people who are doing this work thoughtfully, with intent, and from a place of love.”

As we witness an influx of Black creators emerging online, shows like “The Nod” are striving to be the positive representation Black people need to see.

Black people and technology go hand in hand, and shows like “The Nod” joining major streaming platforms is proof that more Black input is needed.

“[Black people] are always right in front of where technology is turning,” said Eddings. “It means as times change, there are Black people speaking to other Black people, and to see technology platforms continue to support that is part of why it’s exciting to work with a company like Quibi to be able to get our content out there.”

As of lately, Black creators and their content are getting more shine, but the hope is that this campaign for more Black voices continues beyond 2020 and “The Nod” is leading the way for more Black content to earn a spot on video streaming platforms.

“There’s no one way to be Black,” said Luse. “To me, there’s many different kinds of content, creators, and platforms and [Black people] should have as many as we can get.”

As the show is still fairly new to Quibi’s platform, “The Nod” hopes to “continue to deepen and expand our storytelling as well as expand a visual landscape for Blackness,” Luse said.

Both she and Eddings expressed how pleased they are with the show being so versatile and speaking to more serious conversations centered in Black culture in addition to playful, fun topics the show looks to include as well.

For their latest episode, Eddings and Luse sit down with Bilphena Yahwon to unpack the Defund the Police movement.

“The Nod” airs new episodes on Quibi 4 days a week — Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday — and drops YouTube episodes every Tuesday.

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