A win has commenced for Black fashion designers.

Fashionista reports that a design initially stolen from Hanifa’s Anifa Mvuemba has officially been removed.

Hania's Founder Shares Frustration

As previously reported by AfroTech, the founder and fashion designer shared her frustration with the situation on Twitter. 

“Only because this sample took me monthssss to perfect,” she wrote. “This is actually crazy. I’m not going to tag or mention them. But this is crazy.”

The Design

The design Mvuemba was referring to is named the “Jax Knit Gown” on Hanifa’s website. The dress was a part of her FW 21 Runway collection. 

“This Fall collection is a direct embodiment of the past, present and future of Hanifa,” the website writes. “It distinctly marks the evolution of the Hanifa brand and where we’re headed. Our growth, signature look and innovation has earned us a place in so many people’s hearts and homes. This collection is something that Anifa Mvuemba has been dreaming of for a long time, and is a testament to her hard work but also a realization that dreams really do come true.”

Fashion Nova's Version

Fashion Nova went on to take the design and price it at $49.99, while Hanifa had the original for $459.

A group of her supporters rallied together on the social media giant to call out Fashion Nova for reportedly stealing her design.

The Dress Has Been Removed Online

The support online has now worked in Mvuemba’s favor. The dress has been taken down from Fashion Nova’s website, according to Fashionista. 

Fashion Nova has yet to comment publicly about the situation.

Fashion Nova's History

As we recently shared, this isn’t the first time the fast fashion brand has been in the middle of controversy after ripping off Black designers.  

According to Fashionista, in July 2018, the company was called out by designer Jai Nice of Kloset Envy after allegedly stealing her work. Additionally, in 2019, Luci Wilden of Knots and Vibes claimed Fashion Nova was selling a piece identical to her Skin Out Dress, released in 2017.