Longtime music industry professional Fadia Kader has a new job!

Variety was the first to break the news that Kader — whose career took her from Complex to Def Jam Records to Twitter — has left Instagram after four years of being at the social media giant. She is now the new head of media partnerships and creators at Clubhouse.

In her new role, Kader will be reporting to Netflix alum Maya Watson, who is serving as the global head of marketing at Clubhouse. Kader will focus her efforts on bringing her music and entertainment industry colleagues to the app, as well as working with brands in the music and entertainment industries while on the app.

“I joined the Clubhouse app back in August and quickly found myself drawn to the platform,” Fadia Kader said to the outlet.  “I reconnected with friends and colleagues I hadn’t spoken to in many years. I met new friends from all around the world and we shared very human moments together. As I spoke with the Clubhouse team about this role, the relationships built and moments shared were at the forefront of my mind.”

Clubhouse, meanwhile, has been in the news a lot lately, after having received an impressive valuation of $1 billion thanks to the backing from the likes of Elon Musk and newly-minted Grammy winner Tiffany Haddish.