Facebook has officially changed the game for musicians.

The leading social media network has announced its first-of-its-kind music licensing feature, which allows creatives to cash in when their music is used across the platform. According to a blog post, the Music Revenue Sharing feature will equip eligible creators with a 20 percent revenue share when their licensed music is used across videos that meet the criteria on the application.

While the Meta company has not yet clarified the amount that the company will receive from the licensed catalogs, they did reveal that the “expansive licensed catalog” is filled with music from various artists.

This function is currently available within the U.S. market, thanks to a program developed by Meta called Rights Manager. This video, audio, and image-matching software is designed to help creators maintain their rights, while also helping them to manage their content at scale. Furthermore, the feature was created with the help of the company’s partnerships within the music industry.

“No other platform offers creators this type of revenue model at this scale,” said the company in a blog post revealing the news. “It’s the first of its kind at this scale, benefiting creators, our partners, music rights holders, and fans.”

Videos must be at least 60 seconds long in order for the creators to reap the benefits of the program. The content also has to adhere to Facebook’s monetization policies, community standards, and music guidelines.

Additionally, creators must also be eligible for in-stream ads to access the Music Revenue Sharing software. The licensed music featured within the catalog includes both popular and emerging artists like Post Malone, Tove Lo, Leah Kate, Grupo La Cambia, Bicep, and more.

At this time the Music Revenue Sharing enhancement is only available in the states. The company is prepared to begin rollout in other countries where music is available on Facebook within the next few months.