Keke Palmer is truly the people’s champion.

The 29-year-old has remained faithful to her craft, and the fruits of her labor have continuously poured out from all her endeavors.

In addition, part of what makes Palmer a standout within the industry is her wins. They’re not just a trophy of validation but also a victory shared by all who are witnessing her journey.

And a win for Palmer is a win for us all.

Building A Brand From Her Childhood Years

What’s more impressive, is when you consider Palmer didn’t have to compromise her authenticity to find success. She built her brand in her childhood years alongside her mother, Sharon Palmer, and has had various learning lessons along the way.

“Discovering your boundaries as an entertainer is where you also define yourself and define who you want to be and how you want to exist outside of who you are as an entertainer,” Palmer told AfroTech in an exclusive interview. “Starting out so young, it was difficult sometimes to establish that, because so much of who I was, was threaded into what I did. As a kid, you don’t always know your boundaries. You kind of just want to make everybody happy and you’re a kid. So, when adults are asking [you] to do things, you don’t know that you can say no all the time. So, going through those experiences very early on, I think helped me for where I am now in my career, even though I’m still in my twenties, in terms of just being able to say, ‘Okay, this doesn’t really align with me creatively and this doesn’t also align with me as a person or vice versa.'”

Understanding Her Worth

Palmer’s certainty is fueled by her self-awareness, a value that was given to her by her mother.

What’s more, she knows her worth beyond the dollar signs and that has been helpful to establish healthy relationships in the world of business.

“When my mom told me that — I think that was her way of letting me know already that I was a narrator of who I wanted to be in this world and how I wanted to live and exist no matter what characters I played. So, for me, how it pertains to the rest of my life, is just making those choices and always asking myself if it aligns with me. It doesn’t matter about the money, it doesn’t matter about what someone thinks I should be doing. It matters about what I feel,” Palmer explained.

Palmer Teams Up With DORITOS®

This sentiment is what led Palmer to team up with DORITOS® to encourage fans to serve Big “Dip” Energy by creating dipping concoctions that will compliment their favorite Doritos flavor.


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“When they came to me with the Big Dip Energy, I was like, ‘Okay, we launching some dips now, let’s get into these dips, you know, a cool ranch jalapeno to spicy nacho.’ I wanted to have fun with it because that’s something that reminds me of when I grew up. Also, I look to DORITOS® as a brand that also has always been very inclusive consumer-wise of who they work with and definitely with my community. So, I was excited to be able to be somebody that could bring in the Big Dip Energy and take their dipping to another level,” said Palmer.

According to a press release, fans will have a chance to win “a decked-out kit” if they enter into the Big Dip Energy sweepstakes on Instagram by simply unveiling their dip combination on the DORITOS® Dips post with the hashtags #BigDipEnergy and #Sweepstakes.