Noel Braham is tackling diversity in the world of entertainment head-on!

The Emmy-nominated producer and filmmaker has officially acquired television rights for fan-favorite comic series, “The Antagonists.”

Created by Tyler F. Martin, the series tells the average “superhero story” in a way that has never been done before. It follows infamous supervillains Desructus and Ultima as they look to reap the rewards of retirement following a successful mission to overtake the world.

Throughout the series, the couple works to balance married life, parental responsibilities, being Black in America, and hiding their past and former identities from their children who have inherited their superpower abilities. They also struggle to keep their worst impulses in check.

“We are extremely excited to work and deepen our relationship with Tyler and Godhood Comics in developing this dynamic franchise,” said Braham in an official press release.” Being that Tyler and I hail from the same hometown; this is definitely a full-circle moment. The Antagonists provides a fresh and innovative perspective into topical issues and characters that aren’t typically represented in mainstream Hollywood.”

These are characters that obviously register with the masses. The Atlanta-based independent publisher has gone viral by not only captivating audiences but keeping them on the edge of their seats which has led to drawing in over 22,000 followers.

“The Antagonists was a bittersweet project for me and my team,” continued Martin in the release. “It’s messages, narrative and overall concept sparks a dialogue that has rarely been discussed. What is a villain? And more importantly what makes one?”

“My love for comic books has always been critical in my creative journey as I aim to tell the stories that seemed to have been forgotten. The stories of the underdog, the little guy, and those of us who feel unseen and unheard,” he continued.  “The Antagonists is our calling card.”

Although the partnership is fresh, Braham has quite the vision for the series and the production elements that his company, Braham Entertainment, will spearhead.