It’s clear that E-40 isn’t letting up anytime soon as a certified businessman.

As previously shared by AfroTech, the Bay Area rapper described himself as “the epitome of Black-owned business.” Now, he’s back with yet another product.

Teamed up once again with distributor Southern Glazer’s, E-40 has announced the release of his spirit brand, Tycoon Vodka, according to Complex. The latest addition to his line is a nod to his 2016 track, the outlet notes.

Back in February 2023, E-40 first teased the six-times-distilled vodka’s release.


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Now, Tycoon Vodka is available for purchase at Uptown Spirits.

E-40 has become a disruptor in the spirits industry with Earl Stevens Selections. The growing brand’s offerings include mangoscato, “function” red blend, moscato, the “cali-mocho” red wine and cola, prosecco rose, and sparkling wines in flavors of blueberry, strawberry, orangesicle, and more.

In 2021, E-40 secured a multi-state distribution agreement with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits — making Earl Stevens Selections available across 41 U.S. states.

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“Rome wasn’t built in a day. The proof is in the juice,” E-40 told AfroTech in a 2022 interview. “And I’m nine years into this and I’m thankful it’s been successful. It’s been lucrative. It’s an arena that fits me. I always tell people — same hustle, different product. It’s the same hustle as my independent career with rap. I was one of the first independent CEOs/rappers that invested in himself and took it to other heights. So, I’m very grateful.”

As E-40 owns 100% of his company, he aims to inspire current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

“I’m there from start to finish from the beginning to the end,” he said. “That’s why I always try to be an inspiration to the new and old generation to show, ‘Hey man, this is a route you could take,’” he said. “It doesn’t have to be my route, but you could take whatever route you good at. I wanna show that there is a way, you just gotta apply your time to it.”