If you hear the phrase “Another one,” there is likely one person that comes to mind: Khaled “DJ Khaled” Mohammed Khaled.


DJ Khaled’s Early Beginnings

DJ Khaled is mainly known for his musical production and DJing skills. However, his success did not begin with the massive collaborations that made him famous. The son of two Palestinian immigrants, DJ Khaled and his family had early roots in Louisiana before moving to Orlando, FL.

Based on a CNBC report, his time in Orlando sparked the beginning of his musical career. At the age of 13, Khaled began his work as a DJ in his parent’s garage.

Those humble beginnings would lead to Khaled acquiring small gigs as a DJ, being occasionally invited to work at nightclubs and play music at local studios. This type of work would earn him about $100 per week.

Although he was making it work, CNBC further reports that the small gigs were not enough to sustain Khaled, and he had to move back in with his parents in New Orleans, LA, after they left Orlando due to financial hardships.

Back in Louisiana, Khaled did not stop his hustle. He continued working on his music career, going from city to city and networking with industry partners to position himself as the best. Those words would eventually take on a brand-new meaning.

A Move To Miami Was DJ Khaled’s Breakout Moment

In 2003, after years of hustling and working gigs as a DJ, he moved to Miami, FL, where local station 99 Jamz gave Khaled his own radio show. He hosted there for a decade and began producing music. Then, he later started his We The Best Music label in 2006.

By 2007, Khaled would release his first major album, “We Takin’ Over.” Its format would serve as a blueprint for years to come, as it featured major artists collaborating to make hit songs and cultural anthems.

The “Major Key” rapper’s persistence and musical prowess would earn him a Grammy award, considerable respect in the music industry, and even some opening DJ appearances for Beyoncé while on tour. Based on data from Celebrity Net Worth, the 47-year-old’s collective success would earn him a $75 million net worth.

Let’s take a look at the different ways DJ Khaled built his empire to become “the best.”

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Music Is At The Core Of Khaled's Work

A majority of DJ Khaled’s income involves his music career. He has released over ten albums and worked with some of the industry’s most prominent acts, including Jay-Z, Future, Nicki Minaj, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne.

Much of his music production, writing, and performances are done under the label he founded, We The Best Music Group, where he serves as CEO.

In February 2023, Universal Music Group announced an exclusive partnership between Khaled’s label and Def Jam.

Khaled's Big Personality Led To Monetary Gains

In addition to music, Khaled’s massive personality led him to resonate with his social media audience. That popularity stock would lead to him partnering with Weight Watchers in 2018, joining a list of celebrity partners, including billionaire Oprah Winfrey.

As he continues to snag brand partnerships, a Forbes report noted that Khaled partnered with the Jordan Brand to release the “We The Best” collection, consisting of Air Jordans.The original partnership began in 2010 and was extended in 2023, doubling down on a campaign to build innovative and creative products that benefit both brands.

His Forbes profile notes that he earns millions of dollars from other top brands like Apple, T-Mobile, and Cîroc.

According to a previous report from AFROTECH, Khaled also collaborated with CBD manufacturer Endexx Corporation, producing lifestyle and wellness products.

DJ Khaled Enters The Food Game

Khaled has taken his coined phrase and flipped it into an emerging chicken wing empire and an additional stream of income.

According to Insider, DJ Khaled opened Another Wing with a launch of 150 locations across five countries. The ambitious endeavor includes meals made in ghost kitchens, with prices starting at $6.95 for the delivery-only service.

He is also co-owner and brand ambassador for The Licking, a restaurant chain that has locations across South Florida and  Chicago, IL, based on a Forbes report from 2019.

Khaled Uses His Net Worth To Give Back

What’s more, Khaled launched his We The Best Foundation as a nonprofit organization, equipped to pour back into society’s youth. Hosting events like its newly-formed golf classic, the foundation has a mission “dedicated to enriching the lives of the next generation – from childhood to adulthood.”

The foundation also has the Asahd Initiative, named after his son, offering a day of fun and enrichment to children in the Miami area.