Advanced and innovative practices in the tech space continue to shape the future of the entertainment industry. As brands cash in on the trends creating new entertainment experiences, more tech companies are emerging to set the standard.

#BeApp — a new digital platform that allows users to livestream their favorite music artists and concerts — is striving to create inclusive ways for the average person to access various forms of entertainment, no matter where they’re located.

Courtesy of #BeApp

Founder Ray Smith — a West Philadelphia native who’s worked in the livestream space for over 15 years — realized at a young age that his access to big-ticket concerts and festivals was limited. Now, he’s created #BeApp to democratize a simpler way to bring people real-life entertainment experiences on their devices.

“The inspiration is really born out of a lack of being able to access entertainment,” said Smith. “We’re using the power of the web to connect people with music when there is no music venue, which is incredibly important, especially in times like this.”

#BeApp is an interactive platform that allows artists to create intimate experiences and connect with their fans directly in real-time.

“We’ve created a digital manifestation of all the reasons why people love live music and music discovery,” Smith said.

Through #BeApp, any users with a mobile device can go live and stream their own performances. Users can also subscribe to other users and receive notifications once they go live.

Another unique feature to the platform’s structure is merchandise integration, which allows users to buy merch from an artist’s performance and sell their own merch as well.

Moreover, with the app’s contest-based leaderboard — which enables performers and fans to discover the most viewed performing acts — streamers can win cash, prizes, or the chance to stream alongside their favorite artist based on their leaderboard score.

Since the app’s launch in May, #BeApp has streamed some of the biggest names in music today, including DJ Khaled, Katy Perry, Miguel, Diplo, Lil Yachty, Anitta, as well as up-and-coming artists like Justine Skye and Zhavia Ward.

Most recently, the app has turned its focus to its newly-launched user generated content platform catering more to bedroom artists. Anyone with a mobile phone can stream to a global audience and we are giving away cash prizes every day.

Smith shares #BeApp has had over 30,000 aspiring artists across multiple genres try the platform out globally. Those same artists who use the app get a “built-in audience and a chance to win cash, every single day.”

The pandemic has caused a major shift across several industries, but it’s clear tech is shaping the future for us and companies like #BeApp are positioning themselves at the forefront of these changes.

“One of the hardest things to do is change consumer behavior, but [COVID-19] has accelerated the relevance of livestreams and how people are interacting with content,” said Smith.

Small-scale experiences right now seem to be the safest and most popular forms of interaction among people amid the pandemic, and platforms like #BeApp are perfectly positioned to help fill the void that currently exists in the entertainment industry.

“Although the physical space of festivals will come back, I think events are going to be much more stripped-down, intimate, and closer to home. The music industry will have to pivot and find creative ways to merge the real world and the virtual world,” he said.

#BeApp strives to be a tech leader in the entertainment space and it’s likely that their platform model will become the standard for others in the near future.

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