The power of social media is unmatched.

At the top of 2020, Jimir Reece Davis was homeless living in Los Angeles, CA, before having to return home because his mother was hospitalized following a bad seizure from epilepsy.

Little did he know, a global pandemic was looming and would change the course of many lives.

Whirlwind Success

Fast-forward to today, and Davis is now known to the world as Amorphous — his stage name. He also just celebrated  collaborating on the musical arrangements of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour, which kicked off overseas on May 10, 2023, at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

The million-dollar question one may ask given Amorphous’ whirlwind success is how did he get here?

It’s quite simple: He leveraged the energy working in his favor via social media.

His Rise To Fame

Initially, the method to Amorphous’ madness is something he wasn’t quite ready to get behind. However, thanks to encouragement from his father, his whole world changed on Thanksgiving Day 2020 when he decided to share a video of himself mixing songs by Rihanna and Luther Vandross. The latter just so happens to be his dad’s favorite artist.

“You’re gonna blow up when you do a remix with an old song,” Amorphous recalled his father told him in an interview with Billboard. 

His response: “Nobody wants to hear that.”

Thank heavens he was wrong!

The mashup that changed it all for Amorphous was Vandross’ 1981 hit “Never Too Much” coupled with Rihanna’s 2016 smash “Kiss It Better.”

It was shared from the comforts of his bedroom, a place that has always served as a safe haven for the man who preferred not to be in the public eye. Now, the clip — which has garnered around 3 million views to date — changed the trajectory of his life forever.

It wasn’t long before everyone from Brandy to James Fauntleroy to Kelly Rowland and beyond began reaching out to collab with him.

The first person to connect with Amorphous for work was fellow musician DJ Khaled who turned his viral sensation into “Sunshine (The Light),” the 2021 track featuring Fat Joe.

Fulfilling His Destiny

During the 2022 interview with Billboard, Amorphous foretold opening up for Beyoncé. However, he had no idea that the opportunity on its way was bigger.

“Thank you @beyonce for allowing me to be part of your legacy with this tour,” wrote Amorphous in a previous tweet. “Thank you for inviting me into your creative space. Thank you for trusting me. This was always my biggest dream. Thank y’all for believing in me. Played a part in my first tour ever with THE GREATEST.”

Next up, Amorphous is set to kick off his debut headlining tour, The Amplification Tour, starting May 27, 2023.


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Let this serve as a reminder that sometimes the only thing between you and your dream is the courage to put yourself out there.

Congratulations, Amorphous, on your continued success!