Founder Joshua Lewis has received a financial boost.

Startland News reports former NFL player Dezman Moses has invested $3 million in Kin Seltzer Inc., Kansas City’s first Black-owned seltzer company.

Moses is expected to receive equity in the company and will secure a position on its board, the outlet reports.

“Dezman and I met over a decade ago and became friends,” Lewis said, according to Startland News. “As his entrepreneurial grind increased, it just made sense for us to finally connect and see what we could get done business wise. The timing was right, the branding is right, and what we’re building is right. It’s something that he’s super interested in.”

Lewis says the investment will assist with marketing, expanding production and distribution, and ramping up the company’s presence in the local nightlife scene through digital exposure.

The good news is timely for the founder, who also created the Updown Nightlife app in 2014. On LinkedIn, he expresses the difference between both ventures and cites his initial shortcomings with creating a consumer packaged goods (CPG) product.

“In the last six months, I have had one of the biggest learning curves in my career thus far,” he wrote on LinkedIn.The business I built prior to Kin Seltzer Inc. is in the same industry but has such a different business structure. Building an app for consumers has its parallels, but launching a CPG based product has major differences. My consumer knowledge carried over, but I didn’t know much about how to build out operations for distribution, production, even inventory and how those processes move day to day.”

He added, “I’ve continued to learn and push forward with my marketing tactics and community building for scale. I’ve added so much more to my plate, and I must say I LOVE IT! Now, we will increase business in all areas and push forward at scale. Expect to see Kin everywhere! We have a lot of new stuff in store!”

The early-stage company appears to be set for a more promising future, especially with the addition of Dezman to Lewis’ winning team. Their aim is to fill the void in the late night beverage space.

“For him, it was about helping Black-owned brands to be more visible and make more money in these spaces,” Lewis explained, according to Starland News. “He feels like there was a gap just like I did, the gap that needs to be covered in the party nightlife drink beverage space.”