Fresh off her match at the French Open, Coco Gauff is giving her fans more to look forward to with the launch of her new non-fungible token (NFT) collection with Autograph.

As AfroTech previously told you, the Tom Brady-backed platform connects brands and high-profile individuals in sports, entertainment, and culture. The platform has already welcomed Naomi Osaka, Simone Biles, and Usain Bolt and now, Gauff is taking a seat at the table.

Cyrpto Arena Provides Gauff A Chance To Connect With Fanbase

AfroTech spoke with the tennis star exclusively and she revealed that her interest to dive into the cryptocurrency space evolved from the notion of being able to become closer to her fans.

“I am excited to help show this younger generation that there is space for them in the world of Web3,” Gauff shared with AfroTech. “I’m constantly looking for ways to get closer to my fans and collaborate to create something different and entering the Web3 world allowed me to do just that.”

The Collection Reflects Gauff's Personality And Passions

Gauff’s growing interest has now bloomed into her first NFT collection titled ‘The Future is…’ with three drops all available for purchase including Make a Racquet, as well as Change the World and Make an Impact — both hand-signed by Gauff, according to information provided to AfroTech.

Courtesy of Autograph

What’s more, fans can look forward to understanding Gauff’s personality and passions through her collection, which are reflected in its design.

“Throughout this collection, I was able to express myself through helping with the design and will get to interact with fans in a way that I have not been able to do before. The collectibles themselves represent my personality and passions, and through the act of collecting them, my fans will have the chance to get to know me better through interactive experiences,” Gauff said.

Perks Include A Q&A And Gift Card To Watch Gauff Live

Additionally, fans who tap in by June 14 will receive exclusive perks such as a Q&A on social media with Gauff. By tuning in, viewers will also have a chance to vote for her next outfit to sport at an upcoming tournament this summer. For those who purchase all three NFTs, expect a signed print and gift card to watch Gauff live in the future.