One Louisiana native is using cryptocurrency to change the way the Black community views money.

Chyna Bethley is a creative visionary who has her sights set on helping to create generational wealth through her business, Rich University. 

She’s also quite resilient having survived breast cancer, Hurricane Katrina, and the loss of her first business. She also recently partnered with The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation to teach others how to invest in Bitcoin to build their wealth.

AfroTech spoke with Bethley about how she ventured into the cryptocurrency space, how Rich University is a resource for the community, and what generational wealth means to her.

Editorial Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

AfroTech: What is it about cryptocurrency that sparked your interest?

Chyna Bethley: What’s so exciting is that we’re at the beginning stages of cryptocurrency and that’s the best part — the unknown. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that we have something that is here for the long run because time hasn’t quite caught up with it yet and we’re still having to explain exactly what cryptocurrency is.

What I’m doing through my FinTech startup, Rich University is strategically and intentionally simplifying the concept in order to make it sexy.

I’ve even released a song called “Bitcoin Mami” and not only is it a banger but my intention behind it was to inspire and encourage people to want to get out and get some Bitcoin.

AfroTech: That’s a neat way to approach your audience. How would you say Rich University is a resource for those looking to get into cryptocurrency?

Chyna Bethley: We provide resources like an ebook titled “Bitcoin Baby,” which provides seven simple steps of what Bitcoin is, what to do with it, when to buy it, who’s involved and where it comes from.

The book also teaches all of the things you need to know to be safe inside of the market, to be knowledgeable inside of the market, and how to prevent yourself from being hurt inside of the market due to that lack of knowledge.

Rich University also provides a group community through coaching because we’re also all about changing the mindset that the Black community has around money because that’s where it all starts. We are building wealthy mindsets over here!

AfroTech: I love that! What would you say generational wealth means to you?

Chyna Bethley: To me, generational wealth is like a relay race. You run your distance and then you should go as far as you can before passing the baton to the next generation.

Passing the baton doesn’t mean that you need to tell them what you did just for them to start over, but to encourage the next generation to pick up where you left off and continue the journey for the next generation and generations to come.